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Description of The House of Atreus

The House of Atreus is a multidisciplinary examination of abortion and its place in contemporary American society. The book details what I consider to be the most persuasive case for recognizing the right to life of the unborn.

I had been exposed to numerous views on abortion and the unborn during my education. I had majored in biology in college, studied the subject further in graduate school, and then attended law school. Along the way, I frequently found myself justifying my pro-life views to my peers and professors, and I read many pro-life books. There were many good ones, but I never found the type of book that I was really looking for. Some books would be convincing only to people who were already pro-life beforehand. Others were so clinical and devoid of emotion that it was impossible to tell that human lives were potentially at stake. Furthermore, few of the books addressed the arguments that I found most compelling.

When I finished my education, I resolved to draw upon my background in biology and the law to try to write the pro-life book that I had always hoped to read: one that was both passionate and persuasive; one that refuted pro-abortion arguments without giving them short-shrift; one that was unconventional and multi-disciplinary; one that uses clear language and unconventional examples; one that showed that abortion is not a mere "religious" or "philosophical" issue, but an issue that goes to the very core of our conception of human rights. I believe that I have done just that in The House of Atreus. And to underscore the fact that the pro-life movement is the legitimate heir to the civil rights movement and other campaigns for human dignity, the book relies heavily upon the words of noted human rights champions like Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Mother Teresa.

For more information about The House of Atreus, you may consult an outline of the book or Greenwood Publishing Group's web page for the book. I have also responded to some frequently asked questions about the work.

In addition to being available through the publisher, The House of Atreus and selected reviews are available through the usual on-line sources:, Barnes&,, etc.