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You refer at one point in The House of Atreus to abortion being "the sacrament of the feminist movement." Is that fair? What do you think of feminism?

That depends on what you mean by "feminism." I would be the first to argue that women are fully equal with men--intellectually, morally, spiritually, and in all other significant respects--and they are entitled to be treated accordingly. In that sense, I suppose you could call me a feminist. However, many feminists argue that "feminism" does not merely relate to recognizing the equality of women, but necessarily involves other things as well--including unequivocal support for abortion. These feminists do tend to treat abortion as a sacrament, and, as I note in my book, some of them have made the comparison themselves. Sadly, this preoccupation with abortion represents a malignant distortion of the idea which underlies the nobler feminism: that all human beings have human rights and deserve to have those rights respected.

To the extent that feminists argue that women, as human beings, have the same fundamental human rights as other human beings, I agree. I simply disagree with those feminists who argue that women, as women, have the right to ignore the human rights of their children.


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